5 ways job interviews are like first dates


Be unforgettable by being genuine and engaging. Do you drive her home, or at least make sure she feels in a cab safely? At the dating, do you shake, skit, or kiss her cheek? Or do you go for the advert and lay a big fat wet one on her requirements? Shake firmly with a dry palm. Mention to the interviewer it was a pleasure meeting while thanking her for her time. Ask what are the next seconds if she wants not offer. Interviewing skits a lot like dating.

What Dating Can Teach You About Job Interviews

The hiring process is remarkably similar to dating when you begin to take a closer look. Both require a tremendous amount of patience, aptitude, and intuition. A recent trend in recruitment borrows philosophies from the dating world. Known as speed interviewing, this brand new approach is intended to improve the efficiency of the hiring process. Here are some things that speed dating can teach us about recruiting.

And the similarities to dating don’t end there 1. You’ve probably Googled each other. Admit it: You check Google, Facebook, Twitter and grill mutual friends.

He now also has a great book called The No Asshole Rule , which you may have heard of also In the Hard Facts book, he talks about a variety of different common business topics, and compares the academic research on each of the topics versus what paid management consultants often preach. Embedded within many of these notions is, of course, the really big assumption that you can actually interview for talent, and that interview processes actually work.

And if you look at the marks that people get coming out of a hiring process versus the on-the-job marks they get in their first year in a job, they are actually not correlated at all. I personally find the idea that interviews being poor predictor of job performance both unsurprising, but also troubling! Interviews predicting job performance seems like one of the core building blocks of American business. This has been a particularly interesting topic for me to think about because of the differential that exists between technical and non-technical interviews also.

Anyway, I wanted to embed a video interview of Professor Sutton discussing his book below, which you can watch at your convenience. Short-term activity used to predict long-term activity In fact, the core of job interviews really is about using some short-term activity like dating, interviews, etc. Some of these evaluation processes are closely aligned with the actual long-term activity, but sometimes they are not.

However, in the long run, being a good doctor was as much about dealing with people — be it other doctors, nurses, and patients — as it is about having good grades. Is dating a good way to predict marriages?

Are Interviewing and Dating a Similar Process?

I have recently been helping a friend write her internet dating profile. Exit interviews , like break ups, can be an emotional affair. But in order to form healthy relationships in the future, it is vital that you are completely clear on all the reasons that person is leaving you. Avoiding these questions will only lead to later heartache. Exit interviews are one of the many reasons you should love your HR team, they will be equipped and trained to dig down and get the hard facts.

Interviews predicting job performance seems like one of the core building blocks of American business. This has been a particularly interesting topic for me to think.

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Why You Should Treat Dating Like a Job Interview: 7 Reasons the Approach Works

We can make an argument that the Casanovas of the world are much more adept at finding employment and potentially staying employed than those with no game. Beyond the element of flash, a woman will care about safety and creature comforts. Heated seats during the winter anybody? Interview: Do you wear an ironed shirt and a sleek dark colored suit, or a hodgepodge outfit with loose threads?

Your employer wants you to be a good ambassador to the firm.

Funny enough, I saw this article on Tim Sackett’s blog the exact same day, where he talks about ghosting after interviews. Much like dates, interview candidates.

Often, the candidate moves from table to table or room to room where different people conduct brief questions. Or, the job candidate remains seated at a table and different interviewers take questions sitting opposite the candidate. Collect a dating card from each interviewer and give them a copy of your business card , or ask for the names of each worksheet who interviews you.

You need this information for your follow-interviewing thank you note, etc. When the speed interview is over, each candidate has been briefly interviewed by each interviewer. In total, these interviews may take up several hours of pdf’s time. Entry-level candidates will often find themselves in these types of interviews. They ask also happen at job fairs and at exercise career minute, with a single employer or several employers.

How treating dating like a job interview can land you ‘the one’

Somehow we managed to winnow these down to 21 applicants to come in for a second round of interviews and work for a couple of hours alongside our crew leaders. These working interviews allow us to see how people work, how they relate to potential team mates, and more importantly, allow our candidates to understand what the work is actually like. Choosing the final 14 will be a nearly impossible task.

During the interview process we get to learn about people beyond what is on their resume, and they get to meet us and learn who we are and what our organization is like. This year we added a slight twist and gave our candidates an assignment between interviews — go to your public library and take a book out on a career that interests you and bring it to the working interview.

Couple eating out. Job hunting and dating are similar in so many ways; Know your objectives before getting into the situation; Be willing to compromise but don’​t.

Just like talking about your ex on a first date, this is a really bad place to start. Kind of like driving towards lights on the highway. Instead, focus on what you have in common with the other person and establish a reason for a second date. You want to give the interviewer reasons to want to bring you back to learn more about you, not flag the waiter down for the check and sprint for the door.

Remember, you want to define yourself as an expert with the ability to solve problems, not as simply a job seeker. Job seeking is a condition of your employment, not the value you bring as a new addition to a company. It kind of reminds me of telemarketers. Remember those guys? They had a product to sell and a script to push through.

Interviewing is like dating: What can you do to improve your chances?

Admit it: You check Google, Facebook, Twitter and grill mutual friends before going on with somebody. Smart job candidates do the same thing. So make sure you pass the job-search stalking test by Googling yourself. Purge social media of anything suspect — or at least turn up your privacy settings — and start adding pictures and posts that make you seem like the kind of person someone would want to work with.

People also suggest that interviews are like dating, and the process certainly feels like a date at times. Ignoring the setting and the procedures.

We are finding talents, trying to make perfect matches for the business world. There has to be sparkle, good impression, excitement and commitment to make a good, respectful and passionate relationship. You have to search for it and maybe even wait for it until you find the right time, right you and the right partner. Both are surprising and scary at the same time.

It always does. First, you need to understand yourself, find out your needs and preferences More importantly, you have to understand that everyone has a perfect partner or job for themselves. You might think your perfect career would be freelancing on the way while traveling to Bali from Langkawi, others like to stay in metropolitans and travel on paid holidays. A lot of recruiters, on the other hand, enjoy working in big plazas and networking.

How could you even go on a date with someone lives a completely different lifestyle than you? You need to figure out what you want first.

Interviewing Can be Like Dating. How do You Survive and Thrive? [read more]

Have you been interviewing with companies and not hearing back from them? The dynamics of interviews are similar to what one encounters when they are single, and they are starting to date again. Think about the similarities.

How going for an interview is like dating. So what if we took some of the employment interviewing tactics recruiters use and applied them to dating? According to.

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Every day, maybe.

If Dating was Like A Job Interview

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